Battle of Miami

  Inspired by true events, BATTLE OF MIAMI  is an epic drama about love, sex, lies, betrayal and conspiracy during a colossal nation-wide financial meltdown.

  Driven by the often twin desires of ambition and romantic interludes, Dan Fuller secretly revels in the latter until he’s charged with gross negligence in his duties and unceremoniously fired from his position as president and CEO of a Miami bank. Though certain it was a conspiracy behind the unspecified charges levied against him, he nonetheless must endure the hardships of financial ruin while a lawsuit creeps through the legal system.


Over two years later, his former professional and profligate lives collide in a Miami courtroom, where he battles the conspirators as well as the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation over his role in the cause of the now failed institution! While the attorneys for the defendants crowd around their table, Dan must fight with the aid of an aging friend and former real estate lawyer. 

The odds of prevailing are formidable and only grow more so with the devastating revelation of his now former sex life!

This is an abridged novel which has been edited for graphic content. 

Battle of Miami Hardcover $19.95                                                               Kindle E-Book $2.99

Deadly Friendship - Book Two in the

Rick Cunningham Mystery/Suspense Trilogy

   Rick Cunningham can't believe it when a caller to a radio talk show accuses his friend and co-worker, Marty Farber, of murder. He claims Marty planted a bomb in a school classroom that resulted in the death of a teacher sixteen years ago. The caller alleges the crime was never solved because Marty's father conspired with police to cover it up. He threatens fate will take revenge on all the participants in the crime.

   Wrapping up a financial consulting job for Fort Lauderdale's Century Bank, Rick is asked by Louis, the bank president and Marty's father, to discover the identity and location of the caller. Citing negative publicity, personal and professional, Louis refuses to involve the police and contends he just wants to talk to the caller to set the facts straight. Despite concerns Louis may have something more sinister planned, Rick agrees to help. Almost immediately he is confronted with the mysterious death of the former police chief, a name on the telephone caller's list.

   Casting aside continuing struggles with his romantic life, Rick enters Farber's murky world of secrets, conspiracies, and murder.

Deadly Friendship Hardcover  $16.95                                                           Kindle Edition $2.99


Love Remembered
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Deadly Bargain (The Rick Cunningham Mystery/Suspense Trilogy, #3)
Deadly Friendship (The Rick Cunningham Mystery/Suspense Trilogy, #2)
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Deadly Voyage (The Rick Cunningham Mystery/Suspense Trilogy, #1)

Deadly Bargain - Book Three in the

Rick Cunningham Mystery/Suspense Trilogy

   Financial Consultant Rick Cunningham and his wife, talk-show host Diana Ellis, are badly shaken with the news of her mother's kidnapping from her Palm Beach Bridge Club. To spare her life, Diana's famed oncologist father is whisked away to perform a cure on the dying perpetrator of the crime.

   In the meantime, Rick and Diana's search for her mother leads them to a securities brokerage firm. It is there they confront the cancer patient's business partner, Mo Morgan, and learn of a giant fraud that is about to lose their investors, as well as Rick's bank, billions.

   Risking their lives, they begin connecting the pieces and are themselves drawn into Morgan's mysterious world of sexual perversion and death!

Deadly Bargain Hardcover $14.95                                                                    Kindle E-book$2.99

Love Remembered -A True Story

How long is forty-seven years?

   A moment in existence but long enough to live a lifetime: marriage, career, children, divorce, failure, despair, hope, longing.

   What if you felt the sudden emergence of a mental image so vivid and real the passage of years is erased at light speed? What if that memory, appearing occasionally in dreams, awakened at the mention of a once familiar name, a long forgotten touch, could become real?

   Would you go back to the haunting, intoxication, sometimes painful memory of a first true love?

Love Remembered Hardcover $9.95                                                                Kindle E-Book $2.99   

Deadly Voyage - Book One in the                                                                       

Rick Cunningham Mystery/Suspense Trilogy

   Rick Cunningham has no reason to doubt the vicious killing of Ocean State Bank's executive vice president was due to a robbery gone wrong. However, when the swollen body of the EVP's brother washes ashore on a quiet stretch of Boca Raton beachfront, he begins to wonder.

   He keeps his suspicions to himself until Katherine Ainsley, the distraught and troubled sister of the deceased brothers, accuses Rick's boss, Ocean State's president Big Earl Hartwig, of the double murders. She alleges his motive is to thwart a trust that transfers controlling interest in the bank to her and her two dead brothers. As the last beneficiary, she ominously predicts she is the next to die.

   Because he cares for Katherine, Rick risks his career and his life embarking on a dangerous search for the truth, which is far more complex and deadly than he could have imagined.

Deadly Voyage Hardcover  $16.95                                                                      Kindle E-Book $2.99

Battle of Miami
Battle of Miami
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