Sam Phillips was born in Norfolk Virginia. He is the youngest of five children and has three children of his own.

     Sam loves to golf, play bridge, and spend time with his family. He also plays a mean game of 'Catch Phrase'.

     After a successful career in banking, Sam dabbled in real estate and some entrepreneurial endeavors; however, he found his true calling when he started writing. He is the author of seven books, three in the Rick Cunningham Mystery/Suspense Trilogy.

So, you think many  of the big time Wall Street bankers are crooks? You may be right, but don’t overlook the “small time” bankers in communities all over America. In fact, as a former small bank president, Sam often relies on his many personal experiences to develop tales of mystery and suspense so riveting they seem like  non-fiction. So, when you read the first book in his “DEADLY” trilogy, you’ll know that some time, some where, the words bear much of the brutal truth!

     Anne Staschiak co-author of LOVE REMEMBERED has three children and four grandchildren.

    After successfully raising and showing horses in Pennsylvania and Virginia, Anne retired to the Saint Augustine area. She enjoys reading, playing bridge, and spending time with her family and friends.